Are the sensory qualities of your product appropriate?

Do you know how your product differs from your competitors’ products?


Sensory evaluation is an important part of product development and quality assurance for food products. A quality profile by an expert panel provides you with objective information about key sensory qualities (taste, scent, structure, appearance) and differences between their intensity. A preference profile provides you with information about how product qualities affect the perceived pleasantness of your product


We will provide your employees with training in using sensory methods in order to make them a systematic tool that supports your product development and quality assurance. We also organise basic taste and scent tests to ensure that the senses of the people engaged in evaluation operations work normally.


We have created descriptive glossaries for sensory qualities for various products. We use these glossaries in our consumer surveys when we need to know, for example, which qualities are key for consumers and how these qualities affect perceived pleasantness.

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