A good package doesn’t sell a bad product, and a bad package doesn’t sell a good product


Sense N Insight is a new and innovative tool by Makery Oy, BestBefore UX Research and Package Testing & Research Oy. It combines contemporary eye tracking, package and product research into one seamless set. The service significantly reduces risks in consumer-oriented concept, package and product development.


The platform for the concept is a tailor-made research facility opened in March 2017 in Myyrmäki, Vantaa. All three companies involved in the concept have their own roles and strengths in the operation. Cooperation, internationality, and strong practical know-how based on academic research are what make Sense N Insight different from other research concepts.


In a nutshell the concept aims to give a comprehensive expert view on a product’s potential: Will the consumer buy the product at all, maybe once or more often? The different sections are designed to support each other, but they can be carried out separately as well.


Visits to our facilities can be organized upon request.

Also visit the Sense N Insight website.



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