Quantitative methods

Central location testing

Central location testing enables consumers to taste, smell and try new products in a peaceful testing environment. Central location testing is also applied to product concepts, packaging and marketing materials. This method is suitable for the early stages of product development, when the qualities to be developed can easily be adjusted, as well as the final stage of development, when it needs to be ensured that the product is ready to be launched. Either consumers reply using an electronic form or feedback is collected through personal interviews.


Home-use testing

In home-use testing, consumers use the products and test the packaging in their natural environment at home. Home-use testing is particularly suitable for products that require manufacture and studies where consumers are expected to enjoy larger amounts of the product at a time. Consumers reply using an online form, and they can also upload images depicting the ways in which they use the products and their usage situations. The customer receives feedback on the qualities and functionality of the product in the user’s daily life.


Online survey

Online surveys enable the customer to reach a large number of respondents in a wide geographic area or a precisely specified target group, such as the users of a particular product or a specific age group. In an online survey, the customer can use various types of questions, which can be supported by images, sound or videos.


Shopper research

Shopper research creates an overall view of how consumers make their buying decisions and which factors affect the process. It also provides valuable information about consumer behaviour in a shop environment and at the shelf, as well as the products between which they make their final choice and why they choose a particular product. Shopper research enables the customer to improve their product selection and product placement on shelves to better serve the consumer. Consumers are usually interviewed in their natural shopping environment at a shop.


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