Are you planning to enter foreign markets?

Makery helps you identify potential export markets, choose the appropriate sales channels and collect information for launching your product abroad.

Careful planning is key

Carefully preparing for new markets is of primary importance for a successful product launch. Makery will provide you with detailed information about the competitive situation in your target country and identify potential markets.

Know your competition

New markets always mean new challenges and competitors. For this reason, it is paramount to be familiar with the prevailing market situation as well as the competitors and their positions. Makery will profile your competitors’ companies, brands, product selections and market positions in order to provide you with the best tools for international success.

Consumer contribution

Perfectly finished products, packaging and marketing plans make market entry significantly easier. Makery will help you test your concept and save time and effort in the process. We offer a comprehensive selection of customised research methods for this particular purpose.

So far we have conducted research in the following countries:



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