Makery’s approach as a company is always guided by our three core values: 


  • Reliability is pivotal in all our actions, whether we are dealing with internal or external stakeholders (clients, collaborators). Our clients and collaborators can trust our staff, who always keep their word, and handle client information with confidentiality. Reliability also means that our actions are well reasoned, and we can always justify the motives behind our actions. 


  • Effectiveness means that work in ways relevant to our clients and stakeholders, bringing added value to them, but also to the food industry as a whole. We are active in events and communities that aim to improve the industry. Effectiveness is visible in our communication as well: through various channels we communicate about issues affecting the food industry, such as trends and regulatory issues. 


  • Empathy shows in our cooperation and the quality of our work. We strive to understand our clients as companies, but also as people. By taking them into account as individuals with their own worries and concerns we can in every situation recognize the most crucial challenges and needs, allowing us to adjust our work so that the client feels understood and heard. By focusing on empathy, we assure a better service experience to our clients as well as the consumers taking part in our consumer research. Empathy shows also in our internal work and leadership. We value each other, give feedback to each other and treat each other as individuals. Empathy is reflected positively in employee commitment, motivation, and quality of our work. 


In addition, we always follow good business practices. Our operations are guided by ESOMAR’s (European Society for Opinion and Marketing Reseach) research guidelines, which guarantee the reliability of the research and the privacy of the respondents. 

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