The history of Makery’s operations began at the interface between business and research more than 20 years ago.

The foundations of Makery Ltd. lie on two companies: the Helsinki Business and Science Park Ltd (HBSP) and Viikki Food Centre (VFC), established in their time on the Viikki campus of the University of Helsinki. In its early years in the 90’s, the Helsinki Business and Science Park focused on running a business incubator, providing business development services and implementing public sector development projects. Viikki Food Centre (VFC), on the other hand was established to develop food products in the mid-1990s, when Eero Puolanne, Professor of Meat Science and Technology, decided to act on his idea to transfer and apply information produced by the university to food product companies.


Major companies realized the significance of research information for business operations and in the 2010s, the focus shifted strongly towards developing the food industry, and HBSP and VFC were merged following a strategy process in 2013. This marked the beginning of Makery, an expert company specializing in developing the food industry. The company relocated to Pasila in Helsinki.


In 2015, Makery was acquired by private owners. Having worked for the company for years, the new owners – Kari Solala, Antti Isokangas and Kimmo Åström – decided to seize the unique opportunity to buy the company. Kari Solala, who had headed the company’s research and development services team, assumed responsibility for managing the entire company.


Makery was restructured after the transaction and now operates on a solid foundation. The change offered new opportunities to further develop Makery in line with customers’ needs. Makery’s success is based on its employees’ expertise, consumer insight and genuine desire to help companies improve. This results in excellent products for consumers. Makery is increasingly investing in developing Finnish companies and helping them enter international markets.

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